2022 Destinations on my Wish List

Venice Carnevale I don’t know if it will yet be possible but I sure hope it happens -and that it is a safe environment. As I wrote about before, the pandemic started for me in Venice when the carnival was suddenly shut down as first cases of Covid were reported to be present. I would like to “reset” with a return to this fabulous event.

Naples Happy to see CNN agrees with me here, as Napoli is a fabulous destination. One I have missed going to the past couple of years. I love to start my Amalfi Coast trip with a night or two stop in this wonderful and exciting city. Hit Caffe Gambrinus for a strong coffee, before heading to the Spaccanapoli for a bit of true Neapolitan character, a pizza, and a Baba, then go for cocktails overlooking the Bay.

Mexico City Go anywhere in this vibrant country but start in Mexico City to enjoy the history and to experience many cultural layers of the country. I respect the fact that during the pandemic when countries shut their borders and made travel difficult, Mexico opened and welcomed visitors -which didn’t seem to affect their Covid numbers any more than other countries I might add. Begin with a margarita, and explore the vast city before tasting some fabulous food. If you are a foodie this city is the destination for you!

Amsterdam It has been years since I’ve been and I am dying to go back, especially now with the EuroStar direct service from London! It was on my bucket list a couple of years ago, and hope this year I’ll get there again and once again explore the picturesque canals with the pretty houses lining the waterways.

Palermo While those in the know have always been drawn to Palermo it is finally starting to be a real travel destination. With the opening of Rocco Forte’s Villa Igiea it has brought a bit of upmarket buzz to the city’s limited hotel scene. Palermo is a destination rich on history with many sites worth seeing, and the close to many of Sicily’s other exciting highlights.

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