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Palazzo Segreti, Milano

A peek inside the design forward hotel….


Destinations 2015

Where to go in 2015

Seville, Spain Quintessential Spain at its best. Leafy streets and narrow passages with fashionable old world balconies and baby grand plazas. Add a bit of flamenco and sherry in an outdoor cafe and it makes a relaxing yet cultural getaway.

Taormina, Sicily With the Amalfi Coast being the overly popular spot, exchange lemon trees for orange groves and check out the stylish resort town of Taormina in Sicily. It was a stop on the Grand Tour and it is time to rediscover its charms again.

Denver, CO. Becoming hipper by the day and worth a stop on the way to the excellent skiing throughout Colorado. A bit of Americana and the Wild West.

Oaxaca, Mexico Is the real Mexico at its best. Many archeological sites, baroque Spanish churches and traditional Mexican towns and markets. Some of the best artisans in the country along with great cuisine and powerful mezcal will give you a taste of the true Mexico.

Vienna, Austria Cultured, with a robust cafe life, famous pastries, and music at every corner, makes this historical city, this decade’s Prague.

Milan, Italy Nothing will be hotter or hipper than a trip to Milano this year as it gets ready to host a huge “Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life” Expo from May through October. And lets not forget the fashion…


“Soooo two years ago”… Brooklyn, New York and Hudson New York are passe mainly due to Hipsters making it way too hip! Everyone has been there and done that and if you haven’t done it you probably don’t want to as all that is left is what has been picked over. Stay tuned though… Brooklyn has a way of making a comeback.

Art Exhibitions: Spring 2014

Spring 2014 looks to be a phenomenal season for art exhibitions throughout Europe. Whichever city you might find yourself in, you are sure to be met with an abundance of choice. Here is a selection of the highlights.




Henri Cartier Bresson at Centre PompidouThe granddaddy of photography Henri Cartier Bresson is having a major show at the Centre Pompidou. Many of Paris’ iconic and much beloved images have been captured by this artist so seeing this show is not only a must but easily enjoyed by all.

Paris 1900 at Le Petit PalaisWho does not love and imagine the Paris of 1900. A major exhibition to indulge our fantasies is here!


The Glamour of Italian Fashion at the Victoria & Albert MuseumWhether its Dolce Vita or Dolce & Gabbana its in here! Valentino, Pucci and Gucci are just some of the many fashionable names that are showcased in this ultra stylish show. Focusing on the rise of Italian design since after the Second World War, it highlights the talent of the designers and the sheer craftsmanship of the art they do. It is sure to be a crowd pleaser as who doesn’t love all things Italian.

Veronese: Magnificence in Renaissance Venice at the National GalleryKeeping with the Italian theme, the National Gallery has put on a monumental exhibition on Veronese. Grand, like the paintings themselves, if you don’t already appreciate the magnificent talent of Veronese’s opulent detail or the imperial statue of his subjects you will now.



Giacometti La Scultura at Galleria BorgheseCritical Surrealist artist Giacometti’s lithe primordial styled sculptures are being exhibited at the lush Borghese Gallery. Talk about a clash in styles, it should make for perfect viewing!


Klimt The Origins of a Legend at Palazzo Reale – Vienna Secessionist artist Klimt’s sensual paintings are on display in this major show near the Piazza del Duomo. After you can stop for a caffe in a similarly style and of the period Zucca in the Galleria.