Christmas Wish List 2020

Go on… treat yourself…

Diptyque Seasonal Limited Edition Candle Carousel (and candle) – Childhood memories are stirred up with this elegant nod to Christmas markets of holidays past. At times like this it is nice to gift (or decorate with) something soothing, merry, and bright.

Diptyque Candle Carousel

Canon PowerShot G5 An easy to travel with all rounder, this powerful yet lightweight camera delivers the power of professional level snaps and at the same time is great for those doing social media as images can be transferred on to your iPhone making social media content look up market.

Canon Camera

Panettone from Marchesi Panettone is a traditional Christmas cake that no Italian household is without come the festive season. The classic one has candied fruits in it though it can be found with chocolate or almonds. Over the years more varieties have emerged such as lemon and pistachio so there are lots to chose from. But one of the best it the classic from Milanese pastry shop Marchesi. Wrapped in their crisp white paper it will decorate any Christmas table, though you might be tempted by the gorgeous frosting decorated ones they have specially for Christmas.

Marchesi Panettone

Luxury Advent Calendars There is a special kind of nostalgia with advent calendars, and in recent years they have made a huge comeback, thanks in part to Liberty starting the trend with their Beauty Advent calendar which sells out every year. These are not your childhood printed card with Christmas scenes behind every window, these are luxury brand level with high end products and they are so much fun. There are loads to choose from, the iconic Liberty one filled with beauty items and they have one for men this year as well, Fortnum and Mason have a wonderful one with their food hall specials, Jo Malone has an elegant one filled with all the gorgeous classics, and now Dior has jumped on board with a beauty luxe calendar to die for. If you can afford it Tiffany’s has an outstanding one. I ALWAYS get the Liberty calendar as it has a variety of different beauty products… and I splurged on a second one this year from Carthusia for a bit of the Amalfi Coast under my Christmas tree…

Advent calendars from Liberty and Carthusia

Museum Memberships The arts are having a hard time this year so this is a great gift to give and at the same time support community museums as well. Also this is something easy to gift as it can be set up online. Of course it depends on which city you live in, but for example in London the Tate makes for a great membership as it also allows the person to go to all their annual exhibitions for free.

Tate Museum membership

Gucci Sequin Bag The perfect party bag for a fashionable night out. Fits just enough and looks like a a bit of jewelry as well. Stylish bling to the max.

Gucci sequined bag

And please consider…

Supporting small businesses in Italy

Shop Italy: Supporting small local businesses this Christmas

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