Shop Italy: Supporting small local businesses this Christmas

The Coronavirus has affected us all around the world, and beyond the tragedy, there is the sadness and mental illness we are still dealing with. Many say they miss traveling most of all with Italy being at the top of their Wish List. Italian businesses, especially the smaller businesses are feeling the lack of tourism and are struggling. Many shops may not even be there the next time you get back to Italy. So perhaps this Christmas doing a little bit of online shopping from these places will not only help them through, but keep you connected to Italy.

I have written a small list here but please do look online to find more. If there is a shop you went to while in Italy Google is and see if they have an online presence. Many Italian shops who didn’t sell online before are now doing so in the wake of Covid19 in order to get business. So do look around, shop around. In the meantime here are a few ideas to get you started…

Aquaflor Firenze: Fragrance with a Florentine flair, they have bespoke perfume and home fragrance collections not found outside of Florence. They are now selling their wonderful fragrant hand soaps in gorgeous gift boxes and their elegant candles make perfect gifts. Aquaflor Firenze

Candle from AquaFlor

Michel’angelo Ristorante: The popular and much loved Capri restaurant is famous for its wonderful husband and wife team of local chef Gianluca and his Australian wife Holly. If you are missing good Italian cooking, they sell many of their restaurants products online such as olive oil and pasta sauces. They have pre boxed selection of items all with cooking tips on how to prepare it. Makes a welcome change to the usual Christmas Hamper. Michel’angelo Ristorante

Some of the products on offer from Michel’angelo Ristorante

Il Pavone: Artisan products are slowly disappearing. Especially for traditional local crafts such as handmade paper. Venice is known for some gorgeous paper prints and designs and Il Pavino has a wonderful selection of colourful handcrafted paper items made with traditional craftsmanship. Photo albums and frames, make personal gifts especially if you include your own photos as part of the gift. Il Pavone

Classic Venetian prints at Il Pavone

La Ricerca: Another wonderful Venetian artisan shop, La Ricerca is known for their bookbinding and sells paper goods but in the marbled paper style alongside small leather goods and Venetian glass. Leather key chains and bookmarks make thoughtful gifts, their notebooks are inspiring. La Ricerca

Leather and Murano glass key chains at La Riccerca

Ceramica Assunta: Gift a bit of the Amalfi Coast from this Positano workshop. Colourful plates, vases, mugs, tile printed tablecloths, even Christmas baubles can be shipped worldwide Ceramica Assunta

Christmas tree decoration from Ceramica Assunta

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