8 Extraordinary Experiences to do in Italy

There are endless wonderful things to do in Italy that will bring memories to last a lifetime. Here are a few to aspire to and add to your Bucket List…

1 – Hear the monks chant at Sant’Antimo in Montalcino The ethereal medieval church of Sant’Antimo in the vineyards of Montalcino is alone worth the trip. Such a spectacular monument placed perfectly in the fields. If you are lucky and go for one of the services you will truly enjoy a heavenly experience when the monks celestially chant their prayers.

2 – Spend a night in a cave in Matera The unique town of Matera in itself is a one of a kind experience, but Matera becomes its most magical at night with its twinkling lights and long time ago glow. To live like a local stay in one of the cave hotels like the Sextantino Grotta della Civita. Minimal yet comfortable dwellings make for a near monastic lifestyle but it will be the most outstanding hotel stay you will ever have. Not to mention you will have experienced first hand historic and local living.


3 – Wear a mask in Venice for Carnevale While many would consider Carnevale a bit cliche, there really is no place better for such a fantastic party than the open stage that is La Serenissima. Its historic grand show in full gala. Crowded yes, but more to the point enchanting and an extraordinary time.

4 – See the Amalfi Coast by Boat Driving the Amalfi Coast with its breathtaking views from above is truly a sensational experience, but seeing it from the water is far more relaxing! Spend a morning or afternoon going up the coast on the azure waters to take in spectacular views, drink a bit of prosecco and swim in the sea of the Amalfi Coast!

5 – Admire the view of Mount Etna from the Greek Theater in Taormina One of the most outstanding views in Italy can be enjoyed from the well preserved Greek Theater in Taormina. History meets nature and gives an unforgettable memory.


6 – Look at the heavens from inside the Pantheon in Rome  There are hundreds of famous buildings spanning 2000 years of history scattered throughout the Eternal City. Yet if you had to visit just one, the majestic Pantheon would leave you satisfied. With its giant oculus opening its roof to the sky it offers introspective along with reflection on the power that was Imperial Rome.

7 – Do a art history style treasure hunt on the Pierro della Francesca Trail One of the most important and influential painters of the Early Renaissance, Pierro della Francesca, painted his best works in churches scattered throughout south east Tuscany. The trail goes from his Mary Magdalene in the Duomo of Arezzo to his iconic Madonna in Monterchi and finally his works of Madonna della Misericordia and the Resurrection of Christ in Sansepolcro. All are awe inspiring masterpieces.

8 – Cheer on the riders at the Palio in Siena Men in tights riding horses bareback on the Piazza Pubblico in Siena what could be better. One of the most exciting horse races in history takes place twice a year in the hot summer is an going piece of history.

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