Fabulous and Fashionable Shopping on Capri

While much of the Amalfi Coast is hit or miss for serious shopping, Capri offers glamour and choice. Serious money can be spent on this fashionable island and whether you are picking up one of a kind handcrafted items, designer wares, or something all together boutique exclusive, there is lots to tempt.

photo limoncellos

The first thing you will notice are all the the limoncello shops and touristy type places. Actually give them a browse. Normally these are things you might skip but the sunny yellow mini limoncello bottles with painted scenes of Capri are really not half bad, as are the the cheery lemon soaps which actually make easy and inexpensive gifts. And you can’t leave Capri without a bottle of Limoncello! What you might notice next is that Capri has an abundance of jewelry shops, many filled with coral and cameo work. Some are better than others but there is an extensive selection to choose from so you are bound to find something special. You cannot leave Capri without some colourful sandals and here too there are lots to choose from.  It will be hard to pick just one pair!

As you make your way down the Via Camarelle, Capri’s answer to Bond Street, you will notice most of the big designer’s represented, many offering exclusive items for the warmer coastal weather so it is worth having a look even if you’ve been to say Miu Miu on the mainland. The Dolce & Gabbana was deceptively larger then it appeared from the street and had an extensive selection of their collection plus a few special pieces for their Capri shop. And most definitely check out the smaller boutiques which will have lovely one of a kind items, as well as handcrafted work made by the artisans themselves. Capri is a treasure trove.

While it is fun to browse and discover on your own here are a few to guide you…


Adele and Silvia (Ceramics, Home Design, Jewelry, Gifts) A charming family run gift shop selling a generous selection of ceramic items from the decorative to the everyday pasta bowl. The hanging lemons are a sweet Capri souvenir. Pretty linens and gift items along with some very affordable coral jewelry. Via Fuorlovado 23 Capri, Napoli 8007V

Michael (Jewelery) Right off the Piazzetta, going through the arch, is a tiny sliver of a jewelry shop with very lovely dainty pieces. The main attraction here are the delicately worked cameos. From pins to earrings and from classic to floral designs. Not to be overlooked are the other pretty items in the shop as there are charming pendants and a wide selection of coral items as well. Via Vittorio Emanuele, 3, Capri, Italy

Carthusia (Perfume) While Carthusia perfumes can be found in many shops these days, it is worth going to the original Apothecary boutique on Capri. Not to be confused with the smaller showrooms found on the island, this one can be found on the road to the Gardens of Augustus. So on the way back from enjoying the gardens stop in and have a look around. You can’t miss it, it smells divine. Their collection is extensive and many items not often found outside of their stores  Viale Matteotti, 2d, Capri, Italy

photo 3-5

Grazia e Marica Vozza (Modern Jewelry) Artisan jewelry meets high fashion with a Capri flavour at Grazia e Marica Vozza. Very stylish hand crafted pieces are all extremely haute couture while many gems used are from the province and the design inspiration taken from the island. Admittedly much in the shop is expensive, however there are accessibly priced pieces as well so do not be afraid do go in a take a look. The necklaces are real conversation pieces, while personally I like anything they do with baroque pearls.  38, Via Fuorlovado Capri, Italy T. +39 081 837 40 10

photo 1-4

Laboratorio (Women’s boutique) This well stocked boutique was a delightful find! Just around the corner from the Quisisana hotel on a quiet residential street one could almost miss it if not for the tempting items in the window. Choice selection of unique jewelry, stunning handbags bags, floaty scarves, and easy separates all make great buys. Via Ignazio Cerio 6, Capri, Italy +39 081 837 6296

photo 2-4

Antonio Viva (Sandals and footwear) Antonio Viva is a legend. Cobbler to the stars, even Jackie O, yet nothing has changed since he started making made to order sandals. His small shop in Anacapri is approachable and he is affable and jolly. All you have to do is pick from the large selection of sandal accents and decorations, which include anything from the bejeweled to simple coloured suede straps, and Antonio will hand stitch you a pair of sandals in your size in a matter of mere minutes. The best souvenir a lady can buy. Anacapri, via Giuseppe Orlandi 75

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