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The stylish little Vespa…



Travel Essentials: Beauty Basics

Tips for what to pack to look rock and roll glamorous and stylishly put together on the road…

As with packing my travel wardrobe I try to take just enough to meet my needs without over doing it. While I can rely on luxurious toiletries at stays at some of the best hotels, I still like to have my own face creams and hair products. And while I probably won’t spend as much time as I would at home with make up,  I have a tried and tested kit with just enough to make me look and feel turned out.

Consider ditching the hairdryer – Most hotels have their own hairdriers so I feel less inclined to haul one of my own. But if you are one who needs to give yourself a pro style then of course go ahead. I on the other hand do a rough dry and follow up with…

Travel set (of 5) heating rollers – For me this fixes the problem of frizz, gives me a bit of glamour and I can leave them in while I do my make-up. Alternatively, a curling iron or straight iron takes up little room and will give your hair a bit of quick flair. Just remember to pack an adapter if going abroad.

Brushes – For make-up to look good you need the right tools and that would mean proper brushes. Of course I am not going to take my home kit, but to avoid pre-packing stress I  have a small kit of 5 basic make up brushes which I just leave in my suitcase so they are always there and I never forget them. I also have a small hair brush which also always stays in my suitcase as well ready to go.


Make-up colour palettes – I’m a huge fan of Nars make-up palettes. I love the line, but also the palettes are a choice range of coordinated colours that are easy to pack and ready to go. Look for their Narsissist range at a Nars counter or online. Many times they have them at Duty Free shops along with limited edition, only at Duty Free ranges.


Know your red – Nothing gives instant glam like red lipstick. Find the right shade of red for you and make sure to take it with you. It is amazing how chic you will feel just by putting on a red lipstick. Its classic. It also makes an easy and quick way to dress up your look without having to put your whole face on if you are pressed for time.

Thick colour pencils – Quick and easy flash of colour and great in all weather. A workhorse for me are the Clinique Chubby Stick moisturizing lip colour as it serves a lip balm with sheer colour which is perfect for day. For eye colour Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon thick pencils add a bit of quick glam and can be used as eye shadow and eyeliner.

Best face forward – I am always lazy about my face routine even at home but I try none the less. I depend heavily on make-up remover wipes and take travel size packets with me on all my trips. But I do like to have some kind of moisturizer as well and a proper scrub at least once a day. Eve Lom is a wonderful skin care line and they offer a travel size, complete with travel pouch, of their top skin care essentials. Glowing skin ready to go.


SPF – Protect your face from the sun! Always pack some kind of sun protection, even if you are not heading to the beach. Travel does involve a lot of time outdoors walking around so better to be safe than sorry.

Scent – I wear scent every day and of course will travel with some. Usually I have travel size bottles of my favourite perfume, or ask the counter where I buy perfume to give me some samples to take along. I usually just take one scent and use it for the whole trip so as not to over clutter or weigh down my bag.

And don’t forget… travel is a great way to pic up great beauty products and brands you don’t normally find at home. I always stop into a European pharmacy and check out products. Be on the lookout for old fashion apothecary and perfume shops as there are always wonderful finds and make for wonderful souvenirs that will remind you of your travels… 


Christmas gift list

Christmas gifts for the stylish traveller

When it comes to gifts I’d like to give or receive here are a few of my favourite things. For travel or inspired by travel…

For the gorgeous beauty traveller:

I have just discovered Charlotte Tilbury and there is nothing in her make up line I don’t love. She even has an eye shadow palette called ‘Dolce Vita!’ But the item I love to take with me on trips (and I will be giving them to my close girl friends this Christmas) is her Film Stars on the Go compacts which consist of two colours, one for the eyes and one for the lips. They are cream colours meant to be put on with just your finger, there are 4 duo palettes to chose from, I got Some Like it Hot. Great to have in your carry on to freshen up -easily- on any long haul flight.

fotg-some-like-it-hot_openSome like it Hot from Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstars on the Go line

For the cafe lover:

Jura has coveted top of the line coffee makers that grind beans and brew up anything from a ristretto to an americano. The trouble was they were very big machines and quite pricey. Well finally they have made an espresso maker a bit more accessible in size while still keeping all of the luxury of its predecessors. The Ena Micro 1 and the Impress A5 can easily fit into your tiny European flat kitchen, keeping it stylish while serving up cafe style espresso at home. Of course you can still go to the cafe afterwards and have a glass of wine.


Ena Micro 1

For the connoisseur of good taste:

The Life Negroni This is a fabulous book for those who love the fabulous life. Part in depth knowledge on all things Negroni, stylish places where to drink them, knowledge on the best gin and the history on vermouth and Campari, it is also a book about style, Italian lifestyle and La Dolce Vita.


The Life Negroni by Leigh & Nargess Banks

For the Fashionable techie:

The Apple iWatch may not be be everyone’s cup of tea… That is until Hermes came on board to take it from geek toy to fashionista accessory by adding a choice of three of their popular leather wrist bands as options to go with the latest trend.  And with all the great travel apps soon your ticket will be right on your wrist. NOW it is something worth wearing! and I may just have to have it!

double-etain-capecodApple Watch with Hermes Double Tour wristband

For the perfect Host or Hostess:

I love giving a candle. It might seem easy or cliche, but there is always something timeless and polished about giving a scented candle. There are many to choose from and you can never go wrong with one from Diptyque, but this year I found a beautiful candle both inside and out! Italian designers Dolce&Gabbana have released a special gift line for Christmas among which is a gorgeous luxury candle painted in their traditional Sicilian cart prints. A bit of a Sicilian souvenir. This candle gift will really stand out!

screenshot_3425Christmas candle from Dolce&Gabbana

For the On the Go but Still Stylish traveller:

Nails Inc have released a spray on nail polish that is easy and fun to use. The aptly named Paint Can nail varnish is available in two colours: pink and silver it is a great stocking stuffer. Not to mention great item to pack and travel with.

screenshot_3427Hoxton Market Paint Can Nail Polish

For a Good Cause:

Jewelry designer Monica Vinader has designed a special edition of her iconic cord and rose gold bracelet to help and promote Women for Women International. The #SheInspiresMe friendship bracelet is an easy and stylish way to promote a good cause with all profits from sales going to the Women for Women charity.

screenshot_3428#SheInspiresMe friendship bracelet by Monica Vinader