20 minute Journeys: Photobooks to transport you

Some people collect cookbooks, some people collect vintage books, I however collect travel books. All sorts of travel books! Guide books, luxurious coffee table books, small picture books, all filled with mini-trips I can instantly take. They are treasures to me that I pull out for the predictable pick me up, but even better to inspire or get me in the mood for my next holiday.

Enjoy the Insta-Vaca…


My Amalfi Coast by Amanda Tabberer Captures the real feel of the Amalfi Coast on the pages of gorgeous photographs. Besides being an excellent guide book it has insiders tips from the day in the life of someone who has lived there. When I took my first trip to Amalfi Coast this book was excellent as it was one of the few books that had information and photographs on every one of the small towns along the coast -hard to find in most guide books about the area. And when I got back from my holiday I could re-live the experience in the pages of the book. A must have for anyone who loves the Amalfi Coast.


In Tuscany by Frances Mayes Very sadly out of print in the UK but if you can get your hands on a copy, buy it! One of my favourite travel books of all time, I lovingly cherish this one as it is what My Amalfi Coast is, only for Tuscany. Gorgeous photography, excellent recommendations on places to many villages throughout Tuscany, it is as if you were living in a country villa on a vineyard through this book.


Paris Color by Nichole Robertson A small book packed with a lot of punch. Grouping Paris by colour schemes is very clever and works well by being shown in a range of playful vignettes that capture the spirit of the city.


Venice Master Artisans by Cristina Gregorin and Giovanni Scarabello Decadent like Venice itself, this book captures the rich traditions of Venice’s master craftsmen. From the glass blowers to the Gondola carvers this book shows them as the true artists that they are. Wonderful photography and very elegant presentation, plus it has one of the best directories of where to find the best design and crafts on the lagoon.


Dreaming of Florence by Barbara Milo Ohrbach Sort of a large luxe guide book on Florence. Comprehensive directory on great places to eat, drink, and shop, accompanied by beautiful photographs that take you to all those wonderful places instantly. The only problem with this book is you can’t take it with you, but it sure looks pretty on the sitting room table so Florence is always right there.


My French Life and French Essence by Vicky Archer If you haven’t already heard of Vicky Archer and you are a Francophile then you have been missing out big time! Vicky Archer is the Grand Dame of French lifestyle travel as can be seen in both her books. From Paris to Provence every page is absolutely gorgeous.


London Villages by Zena Alkayat One of the many things that makes London so wonderful is that every area of the city is like its own little village. This concept is explored in this gem of a book giving cozy neighbourhood looks at each corner of London.


Elliott Erwitt’s Rome by Elliott Erwitt The great photographer captures the Eternal City and a bit of the Dolce Vita in this book of photographs. An intimate and appreciative look at the iconic city and it’s entertaining people.


Andiamo! Glimpses of Italy by Kelly Barber A treasure of a book, small but packed with stylish pieced images of Italy throughout. You can just feel Italia and like you are there. The Madonnas, the flowers on the terraces, the post boxes… One of my favourites.



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