Fragrant souvenirs from stylish places

On my daily walks through the lobby at the Bel Ami in Paris I was met with a cordial and provocative room ambiance throughout that was so delightful that it gave the hotel that much more of a sense -and scent- of place. It was sophisticated both in the presentation and in its smell. Now I wish I had bought a candle or something like that to bring home a bit of the experience and to take me back to Paris. As every time I would smell that scent it would remind me instantly of Paris and the narrow streets of Saint Germain. In the same way that jasmine brings back thoughts of the first time I was in Capri, in the taxi going up the mountain towards the Piazzetta.. warm breeze, watered down sun, and every turn just the smell of the sweetest flowers…

There is really nothing better than to bring something back from a trip that will continue to evoke wonderful memories of where you have been. And something fragrant so that when you smelled it would be like being back on holiday is the best souvenir to bring home from your journeys. So much more stylish than a t-shirt! Here are a few to look out for next time you are travelling…

Eau d’Italie is Le Sirenuse’s personal scent. Created exclusively for the hotel it’s fresh, Mediterranean and citrus scent has been copied by many but never duplicated. With a whole range of perfume, bath and home products there is plenty of choice. They have expanded the perfume line to include more scents, all evoking the air or Positano and the Amalfi Coast. The Bath Salts are so luxurious!


Diptyque Fortunately or unfortunately you can find this iconic brand everywhere these days but nothing replicates the heady experience of going to the original shop on the Left Bank in Paris. They have now captured the essence of that shop in a fragrance aptly named 34 for the number of their address on Boulevard Saint Germain. Offered in a range of products, the hanging wax wardrobe oval will instantly make your clothes Paris chic!


Castello di Ama If you want to bottle a vineyard into a scent then perhaps this Tuscan vineyard’s own range of home scents and candles would do quite nicely. The wine is exceptionally good so you should definitely pick up a couple of bottles of the vino to go with the candle. After all, for the full effect when you get home, it would be great to have the wine to drink while the smell of the Tuscan mountains burns bright from the candle.


Profumo Farmacia Santa Maria Novella This Florence shop and museum is considered the original perfumer and should not be missed on any trip to Florence. Their original perfume Santa Maria Novella was created for Catherine de Medici when she became Queen of France and is one of the most classic perfumes anyone can own. But a unique home fragrance item is their terracotta pomegranate that is laced with their Melograno (pomegranate) frangrance that is a fresh scent that captures Renaissance Florence perfectly.


Carthusia  Besides all their wonderful fragrances that capture sea breezes and the lemon groves of Capri, the way they model their home scents brings a bit of whimsy to the presentation. ‘Sea Urchin’ scent diffusers and scented sea shells from the sea shore will keep Capri and the Bay of Naples at home long after the essence fades.



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