Where’s to Go Now (Italy)

Just like fashion, travel has trends. And while Paris may always be a good idea and New York never sleeps, some places are more popular then others in given moments. There is buzz about certain destinations and suddenly a particular city is seen or discussed in virtually every magazine.

A couple of years ago Sicily was all the rage, and before that Umbria was the new Tuscany, and Puglia was the ‘undiscovered’ Italy. So what is on trend right now and what will be the place to be if you want to be cutting edge and get ahead of the game? Here are some picks:


What’s HOT now:

Naples: Those in the know, know about Naples. Not exactly a diamond in the rough but more a baroque pearl in its scraggly shell: sharp and rough on the outside but with huge treasure you have to work at to get to on the inside. Indeed Naples takes over the senses and can be overwhelming but can also be very exhilarating. This is no longer just a stop on the way to the Amalfi Coast and…

Capri: Once the most fashionable place to spend the summer, it’s appeal is once again, well, back in style. To truly enjoy Capri it is best done by staying on the island and not as a day tripper. In the late afternoon when the boat loads of tourists go back to the mainland and the island empties out, one can relax on the piazzetta to people watch over an aperitivo and take in the sea air.


Making a Comeback:

Venice and the Amalfi Coast have been visited, photographed, and talked about ad nauseum, but that was a while ago and now it feels fresh again. The point is to go off the beaten track a bit. In Venice go far beyond St. Mark’s Square and when visiting the Amalfi Coast push farther beyond Positano for a less generic experience.


The Next BIG Thing

Matera: Located in Basilicata, in Southern Italy, this small hill town was once considered the poorest part of Italy and has changed so dramatically in 20 years it is now an UNESCO World Heritage Site. And understandably so as it is one of a kind. People’s homes are in caves and it is has its own magical appeal. Truly unique.

Ischia: That other island off the Bay of Naples, is quieter, quainter, and at the moment not overly touristy.







4 Replies to “Where’s to Go Now (Italy)”

  1. I have been to Capri many times, but the last time, 3 years ago, I was not impressed. I would agree, don’t go as a daytripper, as it is bombarded with tourists and tour groups. Go to Paestum instead-you will have the place all to yourself! Visiting Matera is almost a spriritual experience. I was there last year and loved it. I plan to go back. Reading up on the history before visiting is important. I wrote a post about ‘I Sassi di Matera’ last year which gives an overview, and i recommend reading Carlo Levi’s book ‘Christ Stopped at Eboli’ too! Buon Viaggio, Cristina

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