Autumn 2013: Where to go next

Summer is over, the sun setting over beaches everywhere as the shadows grow more angular, the days shorter, and the evenings start to develop the seasonal chill that comes with September. Maybe a last weekend on the Amalfi Coast is possible, but for the most part it is time to say good-bye to the beach until next year.

One could almost be sad if there weren’t places to go, truffles to find, Brunello to taste and the upcoming art scene that is all part of the sophistication and appeal of travel in Autumn. Soon chestnuts will be roasting on street corners and it will be about getting cozy and dressing up for epicurean harvest dinners. The shift from lazy coastal days brings us back to the cities: Paris, London, Rome thrive with elegant gatherings, new museum exhibitions, and the most fashionable shopping. This is the best time for Cafe Life, for warming up over coffee, hot chocolate, or a fine wine while seeking shelter from the rain.

As I pull out my Max Mara coat I shall be venturing to London for the Frieze Art Fair, to Venice for seasonal shopping, and Budapest for historical architecture. And well, yes, Paris is always a possibility, as well as a good idea, not to mention it is so beautiful bathed in autumn gold. I am especially looking forward to Budapest as I have never been, yet Venice remains one of my all time favourite destinations, and much more so in the mist and floods that come with the colder months. The floating city takes on a more mysterious romanticism as the narrow canals and streets get wrapped up in the seasonal grey and green of the dark and shorter days.

So while I am still dreaming of Positano and Capri… I am looking forward to my next voyage. The excitement of the next destination. To sitting in a corner table in a cafe with a hearty glass of red wine after a long day of art shows and walking.


Autumn 2013 Art events:

Paris Photo

Cultural events in Budapest Autumn 2013

Da Vinci drawings on show in Venice

Biennale di Venezia

Frieze London

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