Cocktail Talk: Pack a Scarf

Packing for a trip while trying to balance out style and practicality is always a nightmare. One does want to look good abroad but at the same time be ready for any situation? I tend to pack a neutral black heavy wardrobe in my attempt to be chic but when I arrive into a fashion conscious city like Milan or Paris I still the need to adapt my look and bring it up a notch. And here is where I take a cue for stylish European women, especially the always effortlessly chic Parisian woman of having a scarf. Classic, always in fashion, lightweight to pack, and brightens up an outfit -not to mention it offers a bit of pizazz to a traveller’s wardrobe in a flash.

There is an amusing scene in the movie “Le Divorce” where Glenn Close’s character points out that while the French language is sparse on vocabulary, yet many different words to describe a scarf -all to the backdrop of scenes of tres chic women ‘throwing’ on their bright, flowing scarves. Voila! Instant fashion. It just goes to show how important a scarf is to a seriously fashionable woman’s wardrobe.

When I travel I usually try to bring two different scarves with me, with the plan of picking up one or two more in my shopping explorations. One I definitely wear on the plane, as again, effortless style, cleans up my look a bit, and it helps to keep me warm on freezing cold planes. It does go a long way to making me feel comfortable in flight and can many times quite literally become a security blanket in both style and keeping me cozy. I then pack the second and try to make it totally different in weight and colour scheme to give me more options on my trip. Also important to keep in mind is how to wear a scarf, so it helps to learn different ways to tie a scarf as that too can take one scarf and give you several choice of looks. Then hit Hermes, Etro, and the scarf department in Le Bon Marche for new ones! A new scarf from a fashionable city will make you feel a bit more in vogue not to mention its a great souvenir.

Stylish Scarves:

Hermes – The Mecca of the classic silk scarf. French women believe every girl should have one in their wardrobe and save up or hit the summer sales to acquire one. Good advice.

Etro – King of paisley, and the most luxurious printed cashmere scarves you will ever find.

Venetia Studium – This Venice based boutique is renowned for its Fortuney inspired pleated scarves. In a candy shop of colour variety in both silk and crushed velvet. This is ‘Boho Chic’ at its most luxurious.

Faliero Sarti – For tissue paper thin, flowing scarves with a more modern twist.

Franco Ferrari -Also offers large, flowing scarves, along with an array of cozy jewel toned cashmere scarves to dress up your cold months.

The accessory department in Le Bon Marche in Paris – Has a fun collection in all styles and price ranges.

Liberty of London – Probably the most impressive scarf ‘hall’ in the world. An extensive collection featuring the top and trendy designers alongside their own iconic brand of floral printed scarves. If you had only one place to go for scarves, this is your best bet.

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