2023 Italian Destinations

All the cool places that are hot…

Taormina – An obvious choice thanks to the popularity or White Lotus but Taormina has been a luxury destination for centuries and was a popular stop on the Grand Tour. With its Greek amphitheatre and quaint shops, there are great restaurants and cafes to enjoy the excellent local food and wine along a backdrop of gorgeous sea views. There is lots to enjoy in Taormina and its a relaxing base to explore the rest of the east coast of Sicily.

Rome – The classic Italian destination, Rome never disapoints. Imperial Rome, cinematic Rome, Baroque Rome are all alive and well. You can easily travel through time, all with gorgeous food and style. And with new hotel openings which add to the fashionable destination, Rome is more chic than ever.

Eastern Tuscany – Specifically Arezzo and Cortona. Everyone tends to head to around Montalcino or Siena. But Arezzo is a great destination for art and antique lovers with its wonderful Piero della Francesca murals and its antique market the first Sunday of the month. While Cortona once so popular for its filming location in “Under the Tuscan Sun” remains as charming as ever.

Ischia With overtourism at an all time high, Ischia offers a heavenly alternative to the crowds of Capri. Island life, gorgeous views, and a more authentic lifestyle, Ischia is charming and laidback.

Northern Italy Specifically Milan, Bergamo, and Brescia. Milan once an industrial bleak destination is hotter than ever and very on trend. While always a design and fashion destination, Milan has become more of a travel destination in its own right and not just the gateway to the Italian lakes. While Bergamo and Brescia are the 2023 cities of culture and a quick hour away from Milan.

Venice in Winter Venice is always heaving with tourists yet there is some breathing room in going in the (relatively) low season in winter. While many destainations in winter seem grey and dark, Venice becomes moody and more elegant in the fog.

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