5 Refined Restaurants in Florence

For something a bit more sophisticated but still casual and welcoming…

Atelier de’ Nerli An upmarket bistro with intimate settings and a charming owner is a welcoming place in Oltrarno. The creative seasonal Tuscan menu is impressive and offers new and different options. Comfortable plush interiors with velvet banquets in warm earthy tones and arty touches makes for a relaxing setting to linger over a nice bottle of Tuscan wine.

Irene One of the only proper restaurants on the Piazza della Repubblica -no disrespect to (my favourite) Gilli across the street which I am classifying as more casually styled- Irene in the Rocco Forte Hotel Savoy is a chic ristorante perfect to take in the heart of Florence. Indoor dining is a fashionable space in greens and golds, while al fresco dining is right on the piazza on Pucci printed tables. The menu is modern Italian, the service is friendly, and a great place for drinks too with its innovative cocktail menu.

Lasagne at Irene

Degusteria Italiana Blink and you’ll miss this very centrally located restaurant just behind the Piazza della Signoria. Easiest to find taking the street from across the Uffizzi, its a quiet street with more touristy restaurants. Degusteria is a very small, elegant restaurant with open kitchen and Tuscan furnishings serves a contemporary creative Italian menu. Some very exciting dishes such as the Ravioli filled with Parmesan cheese and topped with Balsamic “caviar” is outstanding. And of course an impressive wine list. A lovely place for one on one dining and conversation with a friend, or for a romantic evening. If traveling solo don’t be put off, the atmosphere is cosy and relaxing. Booking is essential as there are limited tables, but lunch is also equally impressive and a good option if dinner time reservations are not available.

Harry’s Bar Along the Arno this is a traditional and classic Italian restaurant. Polished wood, waiters in jackets, subtly dashing in its cultivated atmosphere. It feels like it remains very much an old school restaurant and happily so with its American Bar serving time honoured cocktails, and a menu to match its pedigree. And while favourites are all on the menu the cooking and presentation is a much more updated take without taking away from the familiar. Very enjoyable.

Osteria Gucci You really cannot get more fashionable than Gucci, and its Osteria in their own Gucci Garden and museum has the goods to back it up. Fabulous chef, check… glamorous presentation both in food and decor, check and check… seductive menu, check! Instagramable? Check, check, check! Its an amazing experience on every level and it won’t disappoint but with the hefty -yet worth every penny- price tag this is a restaurant to go to for a special night or lunch out. Like celebrating buying a new Gucci bag…

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