Products to help you stay healthy on the road…

In this new era of protection from virus and disease, these products will help keep you staying healthy…

Nasal Spray: Is known to help keep the respiratory system clean so taking a small one on board will help fight airborne germs onboard. Try Sterimar or Xclear.

Vitamin C products such as Emergen C for that extra boost for your immunity.

Antibacterial wipes a plenty – the ones you use in the kitchen. Bulk up on these. Do a wipe down of your seating area especially tray table and all metal and plastic on the seat back in front of you.

Antibacterial hand gel -For easy reapplications.

Cotton lightweight (throwaway) pop socks – You don’t want to walk through airport security these days in bare feet or dirty your socks and them put them back in your shoes. Inexpensive pop socks (the slipper type socks) are easy to put on quickly and cover your feet to get through security.

Small plastic bags – To put used cloths masks, socks, gloves until you can wash them.

Face mask – Carry more than one, even more for longer flights. They should be changed every four hours. Take into account pre flight and post flight hours not just on the plane. I would also consider taking a face shield as you can wear that when you take off your regular mask to drink while in flight. Just another layer of protection.

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