Chic Capri Shopping

Capri is a top shopping destination…


Capri is a shopping destination with high end designer boutiques to local specialty finds. It is really the only spot along the Amalfi Coast where you can do proper fashion clothes shopping -that isn’t beachy wear. While there is plenty to shop for along the Amalfi Coast, Capri has the brand boutiques, and many of the designer shops, like Dolce&Gabbana, Emilio Pucci, Aquazzura, and others, have special holiday items you won’t find back on the mainland. That said, do shop the local shops as these items will be real souvenirs when you are back home and are not the same things you find elsewhere.

Designer boutiques are found mainly down two streets off the Piazzetta. Via Roma has some of the more specialty shops while the main designer shopping is on the famous Via Camerelle. You will also find big names like Tod’s on and around the Piazzetta.

Via Camerelle

After you hit the designers, for one of a kind Capri shopping here are a few of my favourite shops that I go to every time I am on the island.

Sea Gull: Right in front of the bus stop before the piazzetta is one of Capri’s finer ceramics shops. You can’t miss it as their window is a showcase for their wonderful designs. They have gorgeous maiolica pieces like the popular southern Italian Saracen heads and many different styles and patterns of tableware in the rather small shop. They ship around the world.


Fiore: Not far from the bus stop, is a lovely little boutique that sells fashionable beachwear. Things like stylish Borsalino hats and top end straw bags. They even have unique canvas bags with Capri themes on them which make perfect little gifts. It is always worth a look in.


Capannina shop: The restaurant is one of the best on Capri, but they also have a little wine and gift shop a 10 second walk away from the restaurant. If you are looking for fine wines and spirits, this is the place, and I do recommend picking up a bottle of their house Limoncello. There are also gift items like table linens with the popular tile prints and sweets.

Carthusia: I always make a stop into their apothecary shop on the way to the Gardens of Augustus. Its larger, well stocked and carries the history of this iconic Capri shop. And while I always pick up something there I tend to go to the smaller shop next to the Quisisana my first day on the island so I can pick up my favourite scent and wear it right away. There are a few shops on Capri, but if you have never gone before definitely check out the charming apothecary one.

Carthusia counter

Amadeao Camfora: For classic Dolce Vita style sandals the top name is Camfora. Jackie O bought her sandals here and so can you. Choose from seasonal designs and they will be made to measure in a few hours.


Antonio Viva: For fun and flirty Capri sandals head to this family run shop in Anacapri. A tiny shop packed with punch, there are lots of designs to choose from and can be made for you while you wait.

Antonio Viva


Laboratorio: This clothing boutique is one of my favourite shops in Capri. Most of the chic clothing line is made by them and you won’t find it anywhere else. Silk printed blouses and skits, and of course Capri pants! are classic yet modern style. Also a selection of jewelry is on offer along with bags and purses, many as part of their boutique collection. You’d almost miss it, but it is just off Via Camerelle.

Grazia e Marica Vozza: Up market fashion jewelry designers, their bold yet feminine designs are unique pieces that make a statement. This small boutique is packed with stylish handmade jewelry using semi precious stones and pearls and while many of the items are on the expensive side, there are many affordable fun jewelry pieces as well. I bought a bracelet with a baroque pearl that I wear all the time.



Things I always buy in Capri…

Perfume – One of my first stops is always Carthusia where I pick up a fresh bottle of my favourite fragrance and begin to use it immediately. Granted I could buy it online or in boutique shops outside of Italy but there is something special about getting it here. Needles to say I also get some bath products and I love their old fashion style fabric pouches to scent the wardrobe.

Limoncello – Because what is a trip to Capri and the Amalfi Coast without a bottle of Italy’s popular liqueur. Many to choose from as many places sell it. There is a tiny shop by the Piazzetta that has a large selection of the pretty painted ones in all shapes and sizes. I usually pick up a large bottle at the Capannina shop, which also has smaller sizes should you want to bring a gift back for someone special.

Sandals – The famous Capri sandals are abundant all over the island. I do like the up market classy ones from Camfora but also always get a pair at Antonio Viva as well since he has gorgeous bejeweled ones.

Ceramics – Nothing takes you back to your lovely holiday like having a little reminder in your home. I bought a pair of short ceramic candlesticks at SeaGull which are on my sitting room mantle, and a medium shallow lemon painted bowl which is in my kitchen holding what else, lemons! Capri in my every day life. You will find ceramics all over the island, with some pretty shops in Anacapri on Via Giuseppe Orlandi which is the street just off the piazza where the bus stop is. Small ceramic shot glasses make great gifts and are the perfect way to serve the limoncello you brought back.

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