Luxury Sanitising Hand Gels

Some of these are from Italian perfumers. All of these hand gels will make you feel that little bit special…

Margaret Dabbs London: Hydrating Hand Sanitiser So much use of sanitisers and washing of hands dries out skin but this product is a spray that moisturises and treats dry hands. Very luxe. Available at Liberty

Carthusia Capri perfumer Carthusia has two wonderful products that will not only sanitise but transport you to the Amalfi Coast

Carthusia Mediteraneo Pocket Hand Sanitizer Citrus and fresh scented this hand sanitiser is my overall favourite. Comes in a large bottle as well, but the small size is easier to pop in your bag.

Carthusia Mediteraneo Hand Sanitizer

Carthusia Fiori di Capri Hand Wipes: For something a bit more floral, Carthusia also does their Fiori di Capri scent in sanitising hand wipes. Easy to carry and you can do what I do with hand wipes, after I clean my hands I do a quick wipe of my mobile phone as well.

Carthusia Fiori di Capri Hand Wipes

Buy both products online from their website at

AquaFlor Firenze Aquapura: Florence apothecary and perfumer AquaFlor has just launched a delicate and elegant hand sanatising spray. Available to buy online at AquaFlor

AquaFlor Hand Sanitising Spray

This Works Stress Check Clean Hands: Everything from This Works does work and their hand gel is not different. Made with essential oils for some aromatherapy, it cares for hands and calms you down. Buy at This Works

This Works Stress Check Clean Hands Gel

Farmacia S.M. Novella Cleansing Hand Gel: This historical Florentine beauty brand has been making products for hundreds of years, including for Catherine di Medici. So for our modern times they have kept that same elegance that they have in all their products and made this lightly fragrance hand sanitiser which will make you feel like a grand signora on the piazza.

Farmacia S.M. Novella Cleansing Hand Gel

Molton Brown Coastal Cypress and Sea Fennel Hand Sanitiser Gel: Molton Brown’s most popular scent in a purse size hand gel.

Molton Brown Hand Sanitiser Gel

Noble Isle Rhubarb Rhubarb! Hand Sanitiser: A lightly scented fresh gel from up and coming Noble Isle is an overall crowd pleaser.

Noble Isle Rhubarb

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