5 movies that will take you to Paris

Of course there are many wonderful, classical movies, but here are my go to feel good choices when I need my Paris fix…


Amelie – Quirky and imaginative, Amelie is a romantic young woman living in Montmarte. Along her journey she becomes a fairy godmother of sorts fixing problems of her friends and neighbors without them knowing. The location is another character in the movie as this hill top quarter becomes its own little fairy tale village.

Midnight in Paris – I don’t usually go for time travel movies, but this one’s travel is subtle and more like day dreaming. Aspiring American writer is in Paris with his fiance and her parents and is wishing for a life in Paris. After getting lost one night in the City of Lights he gets a ride from a merry group that take him to meet his literary idols.

Le Divorce – Helping her pregnant sister get through a divorce in Paris, a young woman meets and becomes the lover of a much older man. He shows her the subtle nuances that make French women so French. The story takes on the differences between French and Americans all  while dealing with the central story of two families trying to navigate the breaking up of their unity.

French Kiss – A sweet Rom-Com movie about a jilted lover going to Paris to get back her boyfriend from the arms of a sexy French woman he met while on a business trip. On the flight over she meets a grumpy french man and they strike up a like-hate relationship. After a series of mishaps he helps her try and win her boyfriend back. Wonderful locations in Paris and the South of France.

American Dreamer – Ignored American housewife wins a writing contest with a prize of a romantic week in Paris and a chance to meet her favourite author.  When her husband can’t go she goes anyway and after a day in Paris gets into a minor accident which lands her in the hospital. When she wakes up she thinks she is the main character in her favourite novels and lives life in Paris to the max, including a wonderful shopping spree in Paris’ best fashion houses.



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