7 Movies that will take you to Italy

When you can’t get away or are stuck indoors you can still feel like you are in Italy via these wonderful movies…


Under the Tuscan Sun – Recently divorced Frances, buys a decaying villa in Tuscany on a whim while on holiday is probably every traveler’s dream. While primarily taking place in Cortona and surroundings, this movie also has some side trips to Rome and Positano. The iconic scene of Frances on the back of a police vespa taking her up the winding road of Positano is iconic and captures exactly what every woman wants to feel on holiday. But the movie is so much more, capturing our wish and desire to live the Italian dream. The movie is a loving postcard to the lush and historic lands of Tuscany, capturing the real essence of the place which is why we love it so much.


A scene from Under the Tuscan Sun


Only You – Romantic teacher believes her soulmate is someone a carnival fortune teller told her as a little girl. Years later on the eve of her wedding, the opportunity to finally meet him makes her go after her destiny. She and her best friend go on a mad chase to find him and follow him through Italy. Starting in Venice, to Tuscany, Rome, and finally Positano (with a stay at Le Sirenuse!) this delightful romantic comedy makes you fall in love with the best of Italy.

The Talented Mr. Ripley – Stellar cast, this dark drama is quite a stylish period film set in the 1950s, with filming locations in picturesque Ischia, glamorous Rome, and luxurious Venice. The locations are just as spectacular to the A- list cast. You can almost feel the hot sand beneath your feet in Ischia or the moodiness of a winter Venice.

Enchanted April – The original girl’s trip of a group of English ladies who agree to rent a villa together in Italy. Mostly unknown to each other, and of different backgrounds, they have their own set of problems and reasons to getaway and each becomes renewed by their experience in Italy.

A Good Woman – Mysterious woman of questionable background shakes up a group of stuffy English and American travelers in Amalfi. But she isn’t there by chance and through gossip and misunderstandings the story grows. Charming characters and gorgeous locations in Ravello and Amalfi make for an excellent way to visit the Amalfi Coast.

Stealing Beauty – An arty coming of age film where a young woman spends the summer with friends of her mother’s in hopes of finding the identity of her father. What makes this film so interesting is the cast of eclectic characters staying in the house, which is that of a famous sculptor in the Tuscan hills near San Gimignano. Magical summer evenings, and flirty encounters all set to a fantastic soundtrack, transport you to warm alfresco evenings in Italy. Just add wine.

A Room with a View – This period piece is a love letter to Florence as English girl Lucy partakes on her first trip abroad with her prudish chaperone. Meeting up with other British abroad we walk the piazzas and into the churches partaking with them all we love about Florence.


Plus… Of course classic and beloved film Roman Holiday and the iconic La Dolce Vita are always on any Italian lover’s list, and are a category onto themselves. 



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