3 Little Restaurants in Venice

Venice is not known for its restaurant scene probably because of all the tourist menus directed at day trippers visiting the city. But there are some very good, not overly expensive restaurants that appeal to the locals as much as to the few tourists they share this information with.

Antiche Carampane  A hidden gem just off the beaten track near the Rialto that can be a bit challenging to find. Alas I cannot tell you how many times I arrive late because I get turned around and I have gone many times before!  But well worth the effort as this is one of the best traditional Venetian and seafood restaurants and it never disappoints. If you are a fan of risotto in squid ink, this is the place to have it.  They also have an exceptionally delicious starter of three different fish tartares like no other, anywhere. Service is friendly and charming and the decor reliably old school Venetian with light nautical themes. Everything one would want in a perfect dinner out in Venice. Rio Terà de le Carampane, 1911, 30125 Venezia

Table at Antiche Carampane – Plate of fish Carpaccio

Al Covo Modern Venetian cuisine in a cozy and elegant setting, this small restaurant has been a favourite of foodies for a while and still going strong. Elegant and creative menu and one of the few high end Venetian restaurants offering more than seafood and fish. While seafood is the main feature this menu also has excellent non fish options as well and more importantly made with the same creativity. The menu is seasonal and totally mouthwatering. Campiello de la Pescaria, 3698, 30122 Venezia 

IMG_4487 2Entrance to Al Covo

Bancogiro Who knows where all the best places to eat in Venice are? Why the Gondoliers of course! So if you see a a group of them eating somewhere, that is a place worth checking out. Bancogiro, next to the Rialto market is such a place. The bottom floor is a popular wine bar offering tasty cicchetti, or small bar snacks, while upstairs is a cozy restaurant offering an exciting modern menu. I wouldn’t call Bancogiro trendy, but it has a contemporary approach to local cuisine. The flavours are reassuringly familiar, but you won’t get the same old thing like many of the other Venetian restaurants. The chefs here plate up innovative stylish food, sourcing most of their ingredients from the market next door. Campo San Giacometto, Ponte di Rialto, 122, 30125 Venezia

IMG_4489Appetizer platter at Bancogiro

To avoid disappointment it is best to book these restaurants in advance, especially in the high season. Also all of these restaurants close for at least a day during the week so find out which days they close at it varies from place to place.

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