Travel Destinations 2020

The goal will be to find travel destinations with less crowds…

Tourism has peaked, it has gone too far. Too many people, too many crowds -even in “low” season”- and too many “influencers” blogging about the same spots.Change the conversation and the destination…

Alternative Italy – Italy is one of the countries most affected by the onslaught of mass tourism. Venice is sinking thanks to large cruise liners going in and out, the lines to the Uffizzi in Florence are endless even in Feb., and the Amalfi Coast is crowded as of early May. But everyone loves Italy! And we want to go for the food and the wine, the history but most importantly the people. There are many charming, historical, and foodie destinations to be enjoyed with less crowds in Italy if you hit up “Second cities” like Bologna and Turin. Bologna is the foodie destination you should know by now and is an enjoyable discovery of food shops and great restaurants along elegant medieval streets. Turin is a baby grand piano of haute turn of the century European architecture and a big cafe culture. Many charming cafes are everywhere, not to mention this is town known for aperitivo and chocolate! What is not to love here. —For a more laid back and sunnier spot, Puglia has blue seas, and quaint white washed small towns. There is plenty of food and wine to be had, all among ancient olive groves. And what about Catania, Sicily – Sicily’s other big city, it is often overlooked being near so close to many other charming towns on the island. But it possess the grandness of Palermo just on a smaller scale, making it more accessible and easier to enjoy. Imposing Baroque architecture and grand squares, along with a world class fish market, and great food make Catania worth exploring.

Provence – Once the villa holiday destination of choice, Provence villages have lost top billing to Italy and Tuscany. But the lavender fields and country fabrics that once made this part of the world so appealing are calling once again and its time to open a local bottle of Rosé in the village cafe before exploring the market in the square.

Brugges – Still charming, and a wonderful walking city, Brugges is always a favourite. With the recent Instagram trendiness of Amsterdam, Brugges makes a picturesque alternative. Not to mention a destination of temptations such as some of the best beers and chocolate.

Sarasota, Florida – On the Gulf side of Florida lies the powdery sand beaches and milder seas of Sarasota. While a bit crowded during the Spring, the rest of the year the area is laid back and residential. Some nice restaurants, hotels, and holiday rentals this is a Florida for people who don’t want the flash of Miami or the screaming kids of Disney World but still looking for something a bit upmarket.

Kyoto, Japan – With the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo this year, Japan is one of the top destinations of the year. After the obligatory stop in Tokyo, head to Kyoto for a more authentic and quieter Japanese experience.

And on a separate note…

Venice – Don’t shy away from Venice because of fear of flooding. After November’s massive Acqua alta it did leave Venice with some need for recovery which they did rapidly. Let’s not forget they are islanders and while the floods in November were unusual and extreme, they have lived with flooding their whole lives and were quick to get back on their feet. At the same time Venice is a lesson on what over tourism is doing to our favourite places. I would encourage you to NOT arrive by large cruise ships into Venice which are contributing to the flooding problem. We all need to start making changes so we can continue to visit the places we love. I hope people are paying attention and long term changes can be made to preserve not only the local way of life but make our role in tourism friendlier.


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