Restaurants in Rome for Pasta Lovers

Rome is the city of some of the most famous pasta dishes: Carbonara, Amatriciana, and Cacio e Pepe. Here are some suggestions on where you can find the tastiest…

For Cacio e Pepe: While it can easily be argued that everything on offer at Roscioli near the Campo de Fiori is the best, indeed their Carbonara gets many accolades from chefs and foodies, their Cacio e Pepe is sublime. A very hard dish to get right and many times over sauced in other places, the one here is as it should be, perfection. Roscioli, Via dei Giubbionari, 21


For Carbonara: Probably the most famous of Roman pasta dishes, it easy found on most menus and of course some are much better than others -which is why I have it more than once! Arguably there are many fine places but after many, many tastings my favourite hands down is the one at Ad Hoc near the Piazza del Popolo. It is really Carbonara served 3 ways and you will be hard pressed to find which one of the three is the tastiest. Divided into the Classic style, it also has a carbonara with mushrooms added and finally one with truffles! All outstanding. Ad Hoc, Via di Ripetta, 43


For Amatriciana: My overall favourite, that is if I had to choose, is this lightly spicy tomato sauce pasta with guanciale and it’s flavour packed. I found the best one at a very unassuming place not far from the Spanish Steps (though far enough to not be part of the tourist places). Hostaria da Pietro is exactly the kind of place you picture when you think of a traditional Italian restaurant, simple yet with excellent food. Everything is delicious but their Amatriciana is spectacular. Hostaria da Pietro, Via di Gesu e Maria, 18


Please note I have eaten at these places several times and these recommendations are based on my personal experiences.

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