Where to go right now…

City breaks are back in focus as we go from summer sun to autumnal breezes…


Amsterdam If you are in London then going to Amsterdam just got a lot easier with the Eurostar now operating from London to the Dutch capital in just under 4 hours. (Please note the return service requires a change in Brussles and takes an hour longer, but London to Amsterdam is direct without changes). Regardless of where you are coming from, Amsterdam makes a perfect weekend break as it is a very picturesque city to walk around and offers many cultural attractions without it being too much like larger cities. Plus it is having a moment so many cute and trendy places to bring interest as you wander and explore.



Rome After the oppressive heat of July and August, by September Rome still retains that summer feeling without the extreme temperatures. It makes it easier to wander through the terracotta and ivy streets still with the sunny glow upon them. Evenings alfresco and aperitivo on the piazza are still warm and comfortable while the shops are starting to display the new autumn trends. For me this is a wonderful time to go.



Barcelona Like Rome, Barcelona offers an extended summer vibe. A perfect time of year to walk along the Ramblas and admire the Art Nouveau detailing on the buildings or stop in a small bar in the Gothic Quarter for a vermouth or glass of wine with some tapas in the evenings.



Edinburgh If you are someone who can’t wait for autumn then Scotland is a perfect place to go now as it will already feel autumnal and will put you right in the mood for a bit of cashmere shopping and/or whisky tasting. Expect a bit of changeable weather with grey skies giving way to the occasional bit of watercolor sunshine. And when the rain hits head for the National Gallery with free entry to browse the paintings.






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