Four grand places for Afternoon Tea in London

Of course there are many more but these are my favourite places to indulge in a luxurious Afternoon Tea…


Claridges Grand and luxurious, having tea at Claridges is definitely a dress up affair so kick up in your prettiest kitten heels. The hotel is a stunning example of Art Deco style and it feels very special from the moment you walk in the door. Yet it is not ostentatious, there is a gracefulness to it, and the tea room is very much the same refinement. This is indeed a courtly setting and service that lives up to the expectations. Elegant with polished presentation of decadent cakes, sandwiches, and all the prettiest trimmings, this is the royalty of Afternoon Teas.



Diamond Jubilee Tea Room at Fortnum & Mason Fortnum’s is known for tea! So it stands to say they would have a classic afternoon tea and it does not disappoint. The store itself holds a royal warrant, and presents the most traditional British food halls in the land. Once you have browsed the temptations, head up to the top floor to their Diamond Jubilee Tea Room and relax into their afternoon tea complete with a Tea menu where you order your choice of fine tea much like selecting a fine wine. Being a food shop you know the tradition tea spread of sandwiches and sweets is going to be delicious along with their warm scones accompanied with Fortnum’s signature preserves and lemon curd.



Pret-A-Portea at The Berkeley For something a bit different but all the more glamorous, the famed Pret-A-Portea at the Berkeley hotel in Knightsbridge is not to be missed. This fashion forward afternoon tea is themed after the hits of that season’s fashion collections. Dior inspired cakes, Dolce & Gabbana biscuits or even a Stella McCartney bag as a cookie, it is both fun and fashionable.



English Tea Room at Browns Hotel I will admit first that this is my favourite Afternoon Tea and I have come here for many years. What makes it so wonderful for me is that it feels like a sitting room not a restaurant which makes it that much more cozy. You are on sofas, by a fireplace, having a most relaxed tea. It also must be said they have some of the best scones I’ve ever tasted! This is a lovely place to have an upscale traditional tea in elegant settings with refined service.



A little something about tea in London… I have been to all the tea rooms listed above on several occasions and these are the places I recommend or take friends and family. But London is spoiled with wonderful places to partake in an Afternoon Tea. From the classical spectrum like at The Ritz to the more modern take at places such as trendy Sketch restaurant, to even a fun Tipsy Tea” at Mr. Fogg’s Residence.

Afternoon Tea services usually includes finger sandwiches in a variety of flavours, scones with clotted cream and jam, and pastries, alongside a large pot of your choice of tea. Most places will offer a Champagne Tea which includes a glass of champagne with the rest of the Afternoon Tea.



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