What’s in my carry on bag

Besides the magazines and iPad, there are certain things I always take with me for in flight comfort…



Scarf -Even if its mid summer in flight cabin temperatures are cold. I find that even if I have short sleeves on a scarf will keep me at a comfortable temperature and in the winter will keep me warm. It also dresses up a simple outfit both for flight and on the go outfit.

Cashmere wrap -For long haul flights and mid winter flights, I take a short cashmere/wool wrap. It makes the flight cozier and acts as a security blanket on those night flights.

Lip balm and Hand cream – Because flights dry out your skin.

Cough drops – Cabin air can be drying and these tend to help with a dry mouth and throat tickles. And they come in handy for the dreaded blocked ears as you land. If that isn’t enough they freshen breath in a pinch.

Nail file – I always break a fingernail while traveling and usually in a way that leaves my nail like a sharp weapon. So I need to be able to fix it and buffer the edge down.

Antibacterial WIPES -For hands, bathroom stalls, and the occasional toilet seat!

Bvlgari scented towelettes – My posh little must have is a bit of perfume in an individually wrapped packaging that after a long haul flight can freshen you up without being overpowering or putting people off with something too strong. The unisex fresh Green Tea scent is liked by all.

Listerine strips – is a burst of mouthwash in a small strip you put on your tongue. Very powerful and do the trick! Find them in American chemist shops or online.

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