Italian Summer: Where to go

For fun in the sun Italy has it all…


When it comes to summer destinations Italy offers the whole package. Whether it be time by the beach, culture in the city, or a foodie trip of the best gelato not only can it all be done in Italy, you could do all of that in one trip. The hard part is trying to decide where in Italy so here are a few suggestions.

The Amalfi Coast: Endless blue sea for as far as the eye can see, cascading bougainvillea, and sunny lemons make anywhere along the Amalfi Coast a dream destination.  Some of the best luxury hotels can be found here offering rooms with views and some of the friendliest service anywhere. And while beach life might be a bit rocky, with pebbles instead of sand, the water is calm and refreshing. Not to mention Italian town life on the sea offers a relaxed atmosphere and welcoming casual dining so it is easy to enjoy the day seaside, swim, have a meal of fish caught that morning all while sipping a chilled glass of vino. Positano and Capri are the glamour spots while Amalfi town offers a bit of Italian life and the breath taking views from high in Ravello’s nest cannot be missed. Take time to explore the smaller towns such as Praiano, Atrani, and dotted villages along the coast. The Amalfi Coast never disappoints.

Florence and Tuscany: Italy at its most elegant can be found at its heart in Tuscany. The history of art and culture is evident from its towns and cities to its rolling country hills. While hot in the summer and with extensive crowds, Florence and neighbouring Siena and San Gimignano are worth braving the crowds even in the middle of the heat. Enjoy the cafes, take shelter in the shade of the churches filled with breathtaking works of art and rest your feet over some wine tasting. For a complete escape, villa rentals are a wonderful relaxing way to live like an Italian if only for a few days. Long lunches at vineyard eateries are a fabulous option in the summer as you hop between picturesque hill towns and villages.

Sicily: Being an island most destinations in Sicily are not too far from the seaside. Quaint seaside towns remain laid back, such is life in Southern Italy. While there are many places to choose from, Taormina is the most popular having been a stylish resort for centuries. The town has lots of restaurant and cafe options while the seaside has water activities and a charming little island called Isola Bella. Farther afield on Sicily’s southern coast there are pristine beaches and blue waters. But for a real summer beach holiday head for one of Sicily’s jewel like Aeolian islands or the unspoiled Pantelleria.

Puglia: This is where Italy meets Greece. Both share the deep blue Adriadic Sea and taking the ferry between Puglia’s Brindisi to Greece’s Corfu island is quite common during the summer months. But Puglia is very special. Quiet. Peaceful. Green of the olive trees contrasting with the blue sea and the white washed buildings of Puglia’s sleepy little hill towns and fishing villages. The Valle d’Itria has polished small towns with choice cafes and restaurants. Ostuni, especially has much to offer. Not too much is built up along the sea coast so you can see it from miles away, it glistens in the sun. While beaches are busy in the summer there is still a feeling of this being an Italy without all the crowds. A perfect place to get away and live slow.

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