Must do Foodie experiences in Italy

Arguably there are many wonderful taste sensations and temptations to be found and enjoyed all over Italy. But if you only had time to experience one in each city…

Cacio e Pepe in Rome While there are many famous dishes such as Saltimbocca alla Romana that are synonymous with Rome, the sublime and understated meal to indulge in is a plate of Cacio e Pepe. Very simple yet very difficult to find outside of Italy, the blending of grated cheese, with a bit of pepper and some good spaghetti will be one of your fondest food memories that will keep calling you back to Rome.

Eat Pizza in Napoli Yes good pizza can be found all over Italy. But for great pizza foodies must make the trek to the holy grail of pizza towns, Naples. Pizza was first made in Naples and there is even a special certification required to show the pizzerias are making and serving authentic Neapolitan pizzas. That includes making it a specified size and thickness, and even specific guidelines that require the mozzarella come from their home region of Campania. A true Neapolitan will have the classic Margherita, simple perfection in red, white, and green.


Pizza at Di Matteo

Drinking hot chocolate at Caffe Florian in Venice The original Grand Cafe of Europe, Florian is more of an elegant drawing room. While anytime is a good time to go to Florian, winter time and a cup of their thick hot chocolate is an indulgent treat.

Ossobucco in Milano There can be no other choice that the hearty northern Italian meal of veal shank with a side of risotto all Milanese.  While the rest of Italy thrives on pasta Milan is all about the risotto and that paired with a falling off the bone meat is the perfect accompaniment.

Have a Negroni in Florence The Negroni was invented in Florence at the now closed Caffe Casoni. That torch of the ‘originale’ is now being carried by the iconic Caffe Rivoire on the Piazza della Signoria. What could be better that sitting on the beautiful historic piazza and sipping a Negroni for aperitivo. Cin cin!

Tagliatelle al Limone in Amalfi The light sunny lemons of the Amalfi Coast can be seen everywhere. They are huge, much bigger than regular lemons and they are also very unique in the sense they are milder, with less acidity and with a very perfumed skin. This means that here and only here can you get the heavenly pasta dish with a creamy lemon sauce which is not heavy, not at all sour and just a perfect blend of all the ingredients. Because of the uniqueness of the lemons this dish can only properly and authentically be made here.

Granita in Taormina Yes you can find a good granita in many parts of Italy but in Sicily, specifically Taormina where they claim the ice is from the snow a top the volcano Etna, they have made it an art form. So far beyond the expected flavours of lemon and coffee, in Sicily you can find almond, chocolate, orange and strawberry just to name a few. Enjoyed at breakfast with a brioche it is refreshing sweetness to start the day.


Granita at Bam Bar

6 Replies to “Must do Foodie experiences in Italy”

  1. What a lovely post… and now I’m hungry! You’re right, Casio e Pepe is one of the most incredibly simple yet underrated dishes in all of Italy! I will have to add the ones I haven’t tried already to my list.

  2. So true.
    In all your wonderful recommendations it’s hard to go past pizza in Napoli.
    I would also suggest you can’t go past arancini and cannoli in Palermo.

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