Destinations 2016

A new year means new places! And familiar haunts that are worthy of a fresh and renewed visit. Here’s what’s on my radar for 2016…

Venice, Italy – La Serinissima in winter specifically, is high on my list this coming year. I always love Venice, and its wonderful anytime of year, but Wintertime is when it belongs to the Venetians, has less tourists, and is filled with mood and mystery.

Provence, France – While Tuscany and rural undiscovered Italian countryside has been taking most of the travel spotlight of late, the always elegant and glamorous South of France is calling once again. Towns like Gordes, Aix-en-Provence, Avignon are breathtakingly beautiful with their yellow sunshine and purple lavender fragrance.

Copenhagen, Denmark – Scandinavia has always been uber cool, stylish and design forward. Charming Copenhagen is a bit like a fairy tale while embodying Scandinavian cutting edge design. Great for a sophisticated weekend away.

Mexico City, Mexico – Old World meets the very Ancient World in Mexico City. An exciting blend of indigenous monuments with Baroque Spanish architecture make Mexico a living museum of cultures. Besides the rich history, the city is very hip and trendy with artsy and one of a kind boutiques popping up in the Roma Norte and Condesa neighbourhoods. If all that is not enough, great restaurants, delicious food, and learning about Mezcal make it a foodie’s paradise. Don’t forget to check out the markets which hit the senses on every level.

Amsterdam, Netherlands – At first quaint and pretty, Amsterdam gives way to the vibrant and new. While always a bit of a college weekend choice, Amsterdam is now becoming the cultured choice for a quick couple of days away. Romantic canals and charming architecture makes for a tranquil walking atmosphere perfect for exploring.

Noto Valley, Sicily – Sicily is bubbling on the radar more and more every year. A mix of many cultures, tastes and histories, Sicily has elegance in its worn streets. And none more so than in the Noto valley of Southeast Sicily. Baroque palaces and decorative architectural details can be enjoyed at small yet regal towns of Noto and up the road at Ragusa and Modica. This area’s appeal as a must see travel destination is getting hotter by the minute.

Happy and safe travels in 2016!


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