5 Great Places to Eat in Taormina

You can’t go wrong when eating in Sicily. Dishes are rich in flavour and the fish and seafood comes fresh form the sea below. And if you like sweets, well then Sicily may become your favourite place on earth with its vast array of treats that excite the eye as much as the palette.. Who doesn’t like a cannoli?

Taormina has some choice restaurants serving up some of the best the island has to offer. Here’s a tasting:

Ristorante Vicolo Stretto -On a slip of a street and up some steps is the cozy local favourite serving traditional flavours and dishes with just a hint of a modern twist. Like the Sicily-on-a-Plate perfect Paccheri pasta with swordfish which takes the traditional swordfish with tomatoes and combines it to coat the wide flat pasta tubes with just a sprinkling of almonds. Quite simply superb. This was followed by a regional flaky light fish encrusted with slivered almonds a top a bed of spinach and then finish off with chocolate semi freddo and a homemade almond liqueur. I would happily go back and do it all again it was that good!


Paccheri with swordfish

Ristorante Maffei’s -Serving traditional fare, Maffei’s ticks all the boxes. Both indoor and outdoor seating, the later being in a enchanting garden terrace, the service is friendly and has a menu with popular dishes. The marinated anchovies are especially good. A good all-rounder that makes for a very pleasant meal.


Garden terrace at Maffei’s 

Villa Sant’Andrea – For a luxurious meal by the sea, head down to Taormina Mare and the Villa Sant’Andrea. Start with cocktails at their outdoor beach lounge before making your way to a very stylish meal in a relaxed setting by the water. On a clear day you can see mainland Italy in the distance. Wonderful fish and seafood dishes with sophisticated presentation, whatever you choose will not disappoint, but save room for dessert and the platter of Sicilian Desserts 5 Ways. Just wow!

Red&White – Part wine bar part restaurant, is a laid back little place that serves good wine and homemade food. The owner is passionate about his wine selections so this is definitely a place for wine lovers, especially if you want to try smaller and not so well known vineyards. Food is simple but delicious.

Grand Hotel Timeo – With the best views of Mount Etna, the restaurant already has a lot going for it. Add some of the best food in town and an outstanding wine selection and you know you are in for an outstanding meal. Very regal and formal, and yes, expensive too, it is however worth every euro and will not disappoint. The menu serves a classic Sicilian selection, including the most amazing Pasta a Saor, a traditional dish made with sardines, sultanas and pine nuts. Savory with just a tang of sweetness it is sea and earth combined. Obviously there is only one way to end such a perfect meal and that is with some mini cannoli and some grappa on the outdoor terrace.


Cannoli at the Grand Hotel Timeo

Buon Appetito!

And a little Bonus…

For a real Sicilian breakfast, head to Bam Bar for the best Granita in the world! Choose from fruit flavours or have a traditional coffee. Sicilians have their granita for breakfast with a brioche pastry.

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