Greetings from Positano!

Back in paradise

It is the most wonderful time of the year when I return to the Amalfi Coast and here I am back at last! Usually my trips here have included a lot of rain but thankfully this year has brought gorgeous summer weather in the early part of the season. The sea is still a bit chilly or as the locals say ‘un po piu fresca’ or a little fresh meaning the water is still a bit cold. However it is still good for swimming and yes, quite fresh indeed. Lots of sunshine and it is almost time for the lemon groves to be harvested, it all feels quite Utopian and I am basking in the natural riches of Italy’s southern coast. Yes one does really come to Italy to live, live properly, happily.

What is different this year are the amounts of tourists for this time of the season. Yes there are always tourists and in May and June it is to be expected however this year it feels different. Already there are masses of people and we haven’t hit July yet! But so far the weather is much better than last year. Regardless of weather of crowds, enchanting Positano never disappoints. It remains true to itself, its vertical lifestyle, its sheer prettiness, and one can comfortingly rely on the fact that it will be the same year after year. The boats will be scattered along the beach and on the sea, pink bougainvillea will tumble down walls almost like soft curls, and there there will be bright orange beach umbrellas decorating the pebbled sand. At night lights will glow and flicker down the mountain and chilled limoncello will be served in restaurants as everyone in one way or another will be gazing out to the sea.

Even by day there is a festive atmosphere along the beach, the sun is out, and today I took a boat trip up the coast to admire the landscape free from the crowds. Sipping a bit of prosecco and taking a dip in the sea was the ultimate in sophisticated relaxation. Yet at the same time it was simplicity at its finest, feet in the blue sea, sunshine kissing my cheeks and the entertainment of watching a singular sailboat make its way across the horizon.



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