Quintessentially Sicilian: Granita the Breakfast of Champions

Sicily’s regional treat is best served cold

Hot summer days in Italy are tempered by an ice cold granita, usually lemon flavoured found at charming carts and street food stands throughout Southern Italy. But in Sicily granita is taken a bit more seriously…

You really don’t know granita until you’ve had it in Sicily. It takes this simple pleasure to a whole new, near sophisticated level, that once you taste it there is no going back as you will be spoiled for life. First of all it is important to point out that most Sicilians enjoy their granita in the morning, for breakfast, usually with a brioche pastry. While it can be savored at any time of day, breakfast is still the traditional time to consume a crisp granita, like a morning coffee, complete with an optional topping of whipped cream. Many times consumed in a cafe as one of life’s simple pleasures. It is also essential to point out that there are a plethora of flavours to choose from! Lemon or coffee are still the most popular, and there are many fruit choices, many seasonal, along with the truly Sicilian almond granita which is exceptionally refreshing. And just when you have gotten your head around the varieties, then there is the possibility of combining selections such as Sicilian Orange-Strawberry or a coffee-almond granita, -there’s a spectacular morning option!

The most unique difference in Sicilian granita though is the consistency. Instead of a watery, slushy, ice drink, Sicilian granita is compact, fluffy, and in areas such as Taormina, almost like snow. Some locals in Taormina, even claim that is comes from the snow capping Mount Etna, such is the stuff of legends.

Whatever it is that makes Sicilian granita great, it is a must have while visiting the island. It can be found everywhere, like at the charming Bam Bar in Taormina where their concoctions are legendary and a daily must for both the locals to tourists. So when in Sicily…


Almond-Coffee Granita at Bam Bar in Taormina

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