4 Paris Food Shops Worth Giving Up Your Diet For

One of these days when I rent that flat in Saint Germain I will look forward to filling my tiny fridge with delights from the epicurean delights of the food shops around Paris. From the glorious presentation of food in windows to the packaging they send your treasures home in, it reflects not only appreciation but joy in the art of gourmet. With so many to choose from I give you my 4 favourites of the moment…

Le Grand Epicerie de Paris: (38 Rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris) In the heart of the Left Bank, across from Le Bon Marche, is a sort of couture of Supermarkets that stocks all the foodie’s delights as if they were Chanel handbags. There is even a Foie Gras aisle! From exotic fruit to choice meats, and a complete pastry section, this is paradise for all things delicious. Christmastime is an overwhelming feast for the senses.

photo car

Selections from Le Grand Epicerie

Fouquet: (22 Rue François 1er Paris) Just off the fashionable Avenue Montaigne sits unassumingly a very traditional French chocolate shop. It almost challenges the thin, figure conscious madames to forget about going into Dior! Very traditional and not at all flashy, this boutique lets the chocolate do all the talking. In this instance, the velvety chocolate sings. If you are having trouble choosing, let me steer you towards the chocolate covered dried fruits or the chocolate covered cherries, I have yet to find better anywhere. There are also other traditional sweets such as fruit flavoured jellies and the almond favourite calissons. Everything is wonderful, and great for gift giving, that is if you don’t eat them first!

Carton: (6 Rue de Buci, Paris, France) This small unassuming bakery on a little street near Boulevard Saint Germain has probably the best croissants in the world. The lightest, fluffiest, butteriest bit of heaven you will ever taste that I dare you to eat just one. And if that isn’t enough to tempt you, their counter filled with the prettiest pastries will entice you even more. My personal favourite is the almond meringues.

photo carton

Pastries and Meringues at Carton

Gerard Mulot: (76 Rue de Seine, 75006 Paris) There are a four of these small food shops around Paris, I like the neighbourhood feel of the one in Saint Germain best. Mainly a pastry shop with luscious patisseries, it also has a bakery counter, a prepared food counter, and a chocolate counter. Everything one might need to through together a quick little party together with flare and panache. Don’t forget to pick up a selection of their jeweled coloured macarons!

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