Paris is Always a Good Idea -Especially for a Broken Heart

Ah Paris… Who doesn’t love the City of Lights and… Romance… So it seems an odd choice of place to go with a broken heart. I mean, when so much prose has been dedicated to the romance of this glorious city, why go when you are feeling heartbroken and blue.

But Paris is also moody, dark even, and sometimes it helps to get lost in a city that just lets you be… alone. Alone to mourn, alone to over think your most painful thoughts. Because at some point you will be in a cafe, sobbing into your glass of wine and you will look up and see that there is a lot around to distract you. To challenge you. To make you see that there is so much in life that is happening right now. The French, or more specifically the Parisian, will not judge or bother you while you travel on the emotional journey to recovery, and between sad walks along the Seine, and cafe hopping to sustain your wine habit, you’ll stop in the Louvre, and get lost in the Marais, snap photos on your iPhone and get creative Instagram-ing all that you see in such a diverting city. It becomes cathartic, and while it won’t make Mr. Wrong love you again, it will at least make you realise you are going to be all right -someday. You might even find yourself, or a new side of yourself. So yes, Paris, is always a good idea.

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