Capri for beginners: Arrival

It’s amazing Capri exists in today’s faster then fast paced world. Like Venice, there is no place like it and life, normal, everyday life, lived by many regular people, has adapted to live life halfway up a mountain. Oh and did I mention they are quite stylish these ‘villagers’?

For a traveller, it is not so easy to say jump on a plane for the weekend to Capri, arrive and just settle in. No, there are many steps, Steps I wasn’t really prepared for even with some explanation. Obviously since there is no airport on Capri one must take a ferry or in this case a hydrofoil to get there from Naples. From the airport, to the port, to the boat… and I hope you aren’t taking too much luggage as it is about to get more complicated. Upon arriving in Capri, the small port which is bustling with its own traffic that includes people, cars, delivery trucks, and so forth, you must navigate to find a taxi of take the funicular up to Capri town. If you are staying at a fine hotel, like I was lucky enough to do, well you too still have to do this, the only difference is the hotel will take care of your luggage. Now this is important, pay attention my friends, because if you are like me you are loath to part with some part of your luggage, like your carry on, but do it and let the hotel take care of it. Because here is what they don’t tell you in the travel brochures: the taxi cabs can only take you to the central piazza and from there you must walk down cobbled roads to reach most of the hotels a good 5 minutes or more walk -beyond the piazza. If you have bags, even with wheels this is a nightmare after the first 30 seconds as Capri isn’t exactly flat. So whatever you decide, prepare yourself for what will be a complex check in progress at your hotel.

Yet once you have done that, once you are past that and settled in, you will be quite relaxed as much of Capri is walkable and hassle free.  Just remember you have to go through it all again when you leave. In the meantime stop by the Piazzetta and have a nice drink and leisurely watch people walk by while you sit in the sun with your big shades and wave.

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