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Escaping crowds in Italy


From up and coming destinations to alternatives of big tourist spots, here are three ideas on where to summer in Italy…

Camogli (instead of Portofino) – With the popularity of Portofino down the road, and the drowning crush of people visiting Cinque Terre, the fishing town of Camogli is not only where the Italians go, it is quiet literally a breath of fresh air. It also offers a taste of the real Italy which seems to fading more and more wherever you go. You will actually hear Italian being spoken. Quaint little restaurants offer the daily catch brought in that day and for those in search of luxury accommodation the old world style of the Cenobio dei Dogi will offer views of the sea and a stay very much like the grand hotels along the Amalfi Coast. Should you still want to explore the rest of the crowd filled Italian Riviera at Santa Margherita and Portofino they are only a half hour away. With the assurance you get to leave the madness behind and return to truly relax in Camogli.


Palermo (instead of Rome) – Nothing is more on the cusp of the next big thing than Palermo. Its about time as this crossroad of many Mediterranean cultures is one of the most important historical cities yet has been ignored by modern travellers for too long. While it still needs to work on its luxury hotel game, the city is filled with landmark sights worthy of your bucket list. From Monreale to the Vucceria market the buzz is palpable. Plus there is a beach close by. All that along with great food and Sicilian tradition, Palermo is fantastico!


Fasano in Puglia (instead of the Amalfi Coast) – While I agree nothing beats the Amalfi Coast Puglia is quite spectacular as well. Puglia also boasts views of a blue sea for as far as the eye can see, and here there are white washed houses proving this is the land where Italy and Greece meet. Unspoiled beaches, great food and wine, restaurants by the sea are all enjoyed with laid back living. One of the Italy’s most luxurious hotels Borgo Egnazia is truly a magical oasis while the very photogenic (and Instagramable) Masseria Cimino is wonderfully stylish. Not to mention there are lovely towns and villages in the area to visit and explore.


I am by no means saying don’t go to the more popular places in Italy. But with mass tourism becoming more crushing, and the ‘tourist season’ having less defined dates so many people can get exhausting and change how you feel about your vacation. I just got back from Rome in Spring, a trip I was sure would be an easy bit of fun as I have been many times before so there was no pressure to see everything and I could just enjoy myself. However it seemed like all over town there was masses of kids on school trips, and still many tourists groups everywhere. Granted it was not as bad as in the Summer, but if it was that bad in the Spring how bad will it be by the Summer? I thought back to my Spring trip last year when I did a big journey around Sicily and how much I loved it. Crowds were less, the sights were places I hadn’t seen before, i felt like a traveller not a tourist. It was truly one of the best and most satisfying holidays I had ever taken. So definitely go to all our favourite places but when masses of people get too much, branch out and explore the other corners of Italy. Chances are that a few years down the line they will get popular too and you can say you went there before it got run over by tourists!





5 places to go in Italy 2017

There are many wonderful places on this planet to cure wanderlust, but no place beckons more enticingly than Italy. With so many choices of where to go, here’s a pick of Italian destinations both famous and a bit less obvious, that are pulsating right now.¬† There is a place for every taste, every craving in the bountiful cornucopia that is Italy…

Naples: The thing about the charm of Naples is that it embodies every beloved image of Italy. From famous songs to pizza it is the city of iconic Italy. And it is about to have its travel moment. A stunning crescent shaped bay, monumental architecture, and dusty narrow streets, this is real Italy at its most vociferous.

Camogli: Everyone is hitting the Cinque Terre and Portofino but what’s next? The laid back fishing town of Camogli at the top end of the Ligurian Coast. Half an hour drive from Portofino, this is where real Italians go for a bit of lazy time by the sea. Off the beaten path it is very much like the Cinque Terre¬† with its warm toned shuttered houses, but with less crowds. That is for now.

Venice: Yes I know, way too many tourists but Venice is still… Venice! La Serenissima. It still sparkles, it still is captivating and holds a mysterious edge but you must be willing to get lost in the labyrinth streets, secret passageways and canals and let Venice show you the way. Leave St. Mark’s square for the early morning and spend your days in Dorsoduro or Canareggio -where the Venetians actually live. Try Venice in the winter when it is a writer’s Venice, one filled with mood and mystery.

Turin: Italy’s North is making a comeback so what could be better then the paired back refinement of Turin’s elegant living room. Grand architecture and piazzas combined with first class caffe culture and an original aperitivo.

Pantelleria: The Sicilian islands are becoming quite fashionable again, but the almost ignored gem of Pantelleria, a speck between Sicily and Tunisia, is looking to be the stylish escape for summer. The movie A Bigger Splash was filmed here so it won’t be a secret for long. Eco friendly accommodation, blue on blue sky and sea with wide open spaces, it floats alone on the Med in splendor.